Map of British Columbia. Trutch.

Map of British Columbia

Victoria: Lands and Works Office, 1874. Notes: Sir Joseph William Trutch, was an English-born Canadian engineer, surveyor and politician. Colonial governor Anthony Musgrave and Trutch worked together to negotiate British Columbia's entry into the confedereation, which occurred in 1871 after they secured a promise for the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Trutch was then named as British Columbia's first post-confederation lieutenant governor, a position he retained from 1871 to 1876. Following his tenure as lieutenant governor, Trutch was appointed a "Dominion agent for British Columbia", and helped to oversee the construction of the CPR in the province., Size : 375x515 (mm), 14.76x20.28 (Inches), Coloring: Hand Colored in Outline, Category: Maps Canada West British Columbia. Very Good. Item #M5032

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