American Scenery; or, Land, Lake, and River Illustrations of Transatlantic Nature.

London: George Virtue, Richard Clay. circa 1840. Edition: First Edition., Binding: All edges gilt. No binding. , Notes: Nathaniel Parker Willis (1806 – 1867) was an American author and editor who worked with several other noted American writers including Edgar Allan Poe and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He was highly popular in his life, and became the highest-paid magazine writer of his day. Willis embedded his own personality into his writing and addressed his readers personally, specifically in his travel writings, so that his reputation was built in part because of his character. Most contemporaries recognized how prolific he was as a writer and how much time he put into all of his writings. James Parton said of him: “Of all the literary men whom I have ever known, N. P. Willis was the one who took the most pains with his work. It was no very uncommon thing for him to toil over a sentence for an hour; and I knew him one evening to write and rewrite a sentence for two hours before he had got it to his mind.”
In 1835, William Bartlett, Willis’ collaborator and engraver, visited America to sketch the monuments and sights that would accompany Willis’ text. Between the years 1837 to 1839, George Virtue published American Scenery in 30 installments; the text was then produced in a bound book from 1840 onward.
William Henry Bartlett (1809 – 1854) was a British artist, recognized as one of the foremost illustrations of topography of his generation. Bartlett’s primary concern was to render “lively impressions of actual sights.” Nathaniel Parker Willis described Bartlett's talent thus: “Bartlett could select his point of view so as to bring prominently into his sketch the castle or the cathedral, which history or antiquity had allowed.”
, Size: 4to. (275x210 mm), Illustration: Very good example of the first volume of this early 19th-century work on America, with detailed and lyrical descriptions of the land, history, and views, accompanied by a profusion of plates illustrating these many sights and scenes. All plates are beautifully handcoloured. Interior and plates are clean and crisp. Including early views of Washington, New York, Brooklyn, Boston, Niagara Falls, as well as many rivers, waterfalls, valleys, bridges, monuments, and more. Complete with 67 plates. Including Map of North-Eastern Parts of the United States and signed frontispiece of Bartlett., References: Howes B-209; Sabin 3784; Abbey Travel 651, Category: Book Americas U.S.;. Item #B6750

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